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We are a young academy reviving the lost Indian culture, by spreading Bodhidharma’s teachings through India’s first Shaolin Cultural Center. Shaolin lifestyle will support individuals become better versions of themselves by learning to nurture mind & body to be parallel through daily practice of Zen.


Our mission is to spread the teachings of Bodhidharma (Shaolin Culture) in India and all over the world through our classes, retreats and workshops.


We are a new Shaolin Center starting in Mumbai with an aim to have 2000 students on board from India & around the globe and impact 200000 plus lives in the next 2 years.


When you study any art make sure you study the culture, its history, that's how you will know your passion for the art the more you go in depth of it. Through time and effort comes progress.

One should practice ZEN in daily life

The movement in shaolin kung-fu is chanting with no words, prayer with no sound.


Resolutely meditate to attain peace, we can never find peace at the outside until we findpeace within ourselves first.


The only thing left for humans is hope, and hope is there only if we try.

Harshh Verma

Don’t dwell in the past, don’t think about the future, be in the present.


It’s not your beliefs, it’s your behavior.

Harshh Verma

Who you were, who you are and who you will be, are three different people


Practice and knowledge have no end.

Harshh Verma

Your mind is your greatest weapon;we must be strong for ourselves in order to be strong for others.


Resilience can build strength and character.