Shi Yan Yin - Harshh Verma's Buddhist name (Fahao)

After becoming a warrior-monk, Harshh travelled to Taierzhuang in Shandong Province, for a Shaolin Kung-Fu show. His senior monk-brother, Shi Yan Xuan (Hao Ge) decided that since Harshh was now a Warrior Monk, he needed a buddhist name. 

Hao Ge asked Harshh what's the one thing he loved the most about the temple, to which Harshh replied, "I love the fact that I'm the only Indian on the team and I feel like I'm representing my country". 

Hao Ge asked Harshh, "Do you know what India is called in Mandarin?" 
Harshh replied “Of course, it's called "Yindu"
Hao Ge said,"But do you know what the character "Yin" means?"
Harshh said “I don’t”

Hao Ge said ‘"Yin" means "to seal" and you have sealed your spot in the Shaolin Temple. That's why with pride I bestow upon you, your Buddhist name Shi Yan Yin. "Shi Yan" means the 34th generation of the buddhist lineage of monks in the Shaolin Temple and "Yin" means "To seal"’.

 Thus Harshh Verma is the 34th generation of buddhist lineage from Shaolin Temple and with his service of 4.5years he has sealed his spot as the first Indian to be absorbed in the temple as a Warrior Monk.

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