What is Kung Fu / Gong Fu?

A person who specializes in an art form/skill, by putting effort over a long period of time and mastering it, in a state of being mindful is practicing Kung Fu. For a chef, cooking is their Kung Fu, a Sweeper, sweeping is their Kung Fu, a Carpenter, carpentry is their Kung Fu. This is useful to every person on the planet, whoever specializes in what they do. Any  art or skill that they do, is their Gong Fu / Kung Fu. You have to repeat it over and over again, it helps you to improve your skill.

In the present time, Kung Fu is synonymous with martial arts and has widely spread across the world, with the knowledge and skills of the east now being open to the west. Many children, teenagers and young-adults practice different martial art forms & participate in various competitions, but Kung Fu is still one of the most popular Chinese martial art forms, the roots of which come from Kalaripayattu, India.

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