What is ZEN?

There are several elaborate definitions of ZEN but it all comes down to 2 important points - Reason & Practice

Reason refers to understanding the “Why” and “What” of the task. To be completely aware of the purpose before you start to practice. As only that will lead to commitment or complete surrender to the practice.

Once you commit to your practice, time and effort are the only path to progress. To understand the technique one must surrender to the core element of the practice. 

The term ZEN as per Bodhidharma and Mahayana Buddhism is “Dhyana” which means “mind absorbed in meditation, insight into the nature of mind in daily life”.

ZEN can be achieved through movement and through stillness. To make it a second nature one has to consciously make an effort. The simple daily things that you do in life by giving it undivided attention and enjoying every minute.

For example: - When you’re eating food, your mind is immersed  into the act of eating while you enjoy the taste and flavour of the food you eat. When you’re cooking food in the kitchen you are completely engrossed into the process of cooking. When you’re sleeping after a long day, all you want is for your mind and body to be at complete rest.

Zen is simple to explain & to achieve it one needs to be conscious and mindful of their intention and action. There are several sitting and standing meditation methods to suspend all judgmental thinking & achieve ZEN.

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