Who is a Warrior Monk?

There are two kinds of monks at the Shaolin temple, the Warrior Monks & the Scholar Monks.

Warrior Monks are usually the younger generation of the temple whose vows are limited and less strict than the scholar monks.

Scholar Monks are seniors who have passed the level of being warrior monks and are ordained to follow the strict scholar monk lifestyle. They teach philosophy, chanting, history of the structure around the temple and perform rituals and ceremonies. They also spread the Shaolin culture.

After the age of 18, the temple picks and chooses disciples based on their consistency and progress in studies about the culture as whole.They are primarily ordained as Warrior Monks based on their vigorous level of Kung Fu as they would represent the temple for teaching, performing and spreading the martial art aspect of the culture.

After serving the temple for certain years as Warrior Monks they earn the honor of nominating themselves to become Scholar Monks as guided by their shifu.

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