About Us

Shaolin Temple
Warrior Monk Academy
少林寺文化和武僧馆 印度

1st Floor, Lido Cinema building,
Juhu Tara road, Juhu, Mumbai, 400049. 


The 4 elements of life - Earth, Water, Fire & Air forms the enso circle, which is our environment. In this environment our academy offers to nurture balance by integrating the yin & yang of life (Warrior & Monk).
印 (Yin) - Shi Yan Yin, Shifu Harshh’s Buddhist name, represents India. Yin is the first half of ‘Yindu’ which means ‘India’ in Mandarin. We have incorporated Yin to personify its literal meaning i.e ‘to engrave’ or ‘to seal’ the authenticity carried through traditionality of the 3 pillars of Shaolin Culture at our center.
Warrior Monk Academy is a new Shaolin Center located in Mumbai, India. We promise to offer Bodhidharma's teachings about the Shaolin Culture. We aim to produce students with great confidence, balance, humility & grounding, someone with a never give-up attitude.
Shaolin culture teaches one to be compassionate, mindful & helps one find their center to become a better version of themselves. Growth will come when one gets out of their comfort zone. Through our academy we want to spread the knowledge about the duality of life where one needs to nurture both their Warrior & Monk sides.

Harshh Verma, Founder

Harshh was born & raised in Mumbai, India. He has lived & studied in Canada, Italy, England & China. His first love was football/soccer. He was one of the elite athletes during his academic years. He played professional football for junior clubs in India and internationally for clubs like AC Milan junior team & Leicester City Junior in England. He was at the peak of his performance as an athlete when a sudden knee deformity compelled him to stop playing. The deformity required an immediate surgery. Post-surgery recovery was not as expected; he was unable to walk & had to use crutches because of which he went through mental and physical trauma.
Despite several attempts with multiple physiotherapy treatments he was not able to walk. A friend suggested that he try traditional Chinese therapy which ultimately led him to the Shaolin Temple in Henan Province in China. Through the meditation, martials arts & herbal medicines he fully recovered in a short time of 4 months. He then surrendered himself to the Temple.
Harshh is the first Indian to be absorbed by the Shaolin Temple as a Warrior Monk, as he was the only one to have studied the 3 principles of Shaolin Culture in Mandarin. After serving the temple for 4.5years & mastering the art form, he decided to come back home to revive Bodhidharma’s teachings in India & spread the Shaolin Culture through Warrior Monk Academy.