Can a beginner join these courses?
Yes, definitely. Most of our programs are from the grassroot level, in which we will introduce the Buddhist philosophy as a lifestyle, spirituality in martial arts and traditional healing that can be practiced. 

Can people with medical conditions or injury join these courses?
We don’t directly treat any major / minor injuries or medical conditions through medication at our academy. But, we do teach certain exercises & qi gong (healing through breathing techniques) that will help in rehabilitation. Completely condition driven and under consultation of Shifu Harshh.

Are these courses for all ages?
Yes, anyone & everyone can join these programs. We have various batches for different age groups. 
Please Note: For TEACHER TRAINING WARRIOR, one must have some experience with endurance and strength development training through other mediums. 
WARRIOR LEVEL 1 & 2 – Both are suitable for beginner level and only consistency will prove out to be your progress. Structure & Timings for kids & adults programs are different.

Will this help me be more focused and disciplined?
Being focused is being mindful & being consistent with your routine will make you disciplined. You will learn to do one thing at a time by completely surrendering to that particular act without having disturbing thoughts and distractions. This technique will extract the best from you for your task. You enjoy and love the feeling of your transformation while you're accomplishing your goals one after another. 

How soon will I be able to see changes in myself?
My master always said it’s all in the feeling, of whatever you do, any movement you do. When you feel it the first time, hold onto that feeling, nurture it and let it grow larger and larger. A minimum time of 3-6 months of consistent training is when you start seeing the foundation being built. Everyone’s body type and capabilities are different, willingness to do and consistency defines your growth and progress. As this is just Not Physical but a collaboration of Mind & Body being parallel, every step and every way. 

How is this different from other regular martial arts classes?
To master an art, one needs to first understand oneself. To understand oneself, one needs to find their center. This will happen through conscious practice of breathing through movements.  Shaolin Kung Fu is a culture, it is a way of living, a long term commitment involving history & philosophy carried through generations. A lost Indian culture shared with the Far East and rest of the world, now offered at our institute. This is an effort to revive and spread the real essence of BODHIDHARMA’s (The Father Of Shaolin Culture) teachings.
The 3 pillars of Shaolin Culture :
  • Zen Buddhism As A Lifestyle
  • Spirituality in Shaolin Kung Fu (Martial Arts)
  • Traditional Healing Practices.