Warrior Level 1

Warrior Level 1

In order to build a strong superstructure, one must have a solid foundation. By embarking on this journey with the Shaolin Temple Warrior Monk Academy, you are committing to building a strong foundation by learning Shaolin Jien gong (Basics). After building a strong base you will be introduced to the Shaolin’s Mother Fist form & the first traditional Shaolin weapon - Shaolin Stick/Staff which is our warrior level 2 program that will also include defense & attack application along with the traditional importance of the Fist Form & the Staff. This elaborate & extensive program helps you build a stronger immune system, improved focus & concentration, better reflexes, a strong, flexible mind & body.

This course is suitable for beginners.

Suitable age group
7 years & above.

You will learn
Stances & Postures
Strength & Conditioning
Fist Forms
Application of Movements
Body Weight Training
Qi Gong
History & Philosophy of Shaolin Culture

3/ 6/ 12 months (depending on one’s capability and ability to commit, perform, work hard, they will be promoted to warrior level 2).

On registering, you will receive an email with the course information. Our team will connect with you regarding the procedures and address any further queries.